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Who can apply?

ITU Graduate Program in EnviroBioTech is open to applications from schools of  all basic sciences, natural sciences and engineering sciences. Priority will be given to the following disciplines :

  • environmental sciences & engineering
  • chemical engineering
  • food engineering 
  • chemistry
  • biology
  • microbiology
  • bioengineering
  • molecular biology
  • genetics

Applications for EnviroBioTech Graduate Program basically require the submission of relevant diplomas and transcripts, English language exemption and LES or GRE scores. More detailed information can be obtained from the Secretariat of Institute of Science and Technology and the contact adress mentioned below:

ITU Graduate Program in Environmental Biotechnology
İTÜ İnşaat Fakültesi, Çevre Mühendisliği Bölümü, 
34460 Maslak, İstanbul
Tel: +90 212 285 65 40