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1. Modeling based optimization of activated sludge plants for nutrient removal, Supported by Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI).

2. Biomethanization of organic solids wastes. Supported by TUBITAK.

3. COST Action 636: Xenobiotics in the Urban Water Cycle.

4. COST Action 628: Life Cycle Assessment of Textile Products, Eco-efficiency and Definition of Best Available     
    Technology of Textile Processing.

5. COST Action 624: Optimal Management of Wastewater Systems.

6. Technical Assistance for Environmental Heavy-Cost Investment Planning, Turkey (EHCIP), EU.

7. Wastewater Distillation by Sun Energy (WADISUN), AVICENNE.

8. Autonomous Desalination System Concepts for Seawater and Brackish Water In Rural Areas with Renewable
    Energies- Potentials, Technologies, Field Experience, Socio-Technical and Socio-Economical Impact - ADIRA, EU  
    MEDA Project.

9. Integration of Associated Candidate Countries and new EU Member States in European Research Area by
    Environmental Approaches - ERA ENV, EU FP6.

10. Alternating Intermittent Aeration Activated Sludge System (AIAAS), EUREKA.

11. Integrated High Resolution Imaging Ground Penetrating Radar and Decision Support System for WATER PIPE line
     Rehabilitation – WATERPIPE, EU FP6.

12. Novel Sustainable Bioprocesses for European Colour Industries (SOPHIED), EU FP6.

13. Development of Tools and Guidelines for the Promotion of the Sustainable Urban Wastewater Treatment and
     Reuse in the Agricultural Production in the Mediterranean Countries, EU MEDA Project.

14. Effluent Toxicity Evaluation in Leather Tanning Industry, NATO.

15. Pilot Study on Ecosystem Modelling of Coastal Lagoons for Sustainable Management, NATO-CCMS.

16. Fate and Transport of Nutrients and Pesticides in Coastal Lagoons, NATO.

17. Modeling of Nutrient Loads and Response in River and Estuarine Systems, NATO-CCMS.

18. Appropriate Technologies for The Minimization of Environmental Impact from Industrial Wastewaters -Textile 
     industry- A Case Study, Volkswagen – Stiftung.

19. Optimization of Biological Treatment Systems for Bioplastic Production, Recovery and Economics (in Turkish)

20. Determination of Interaction between Anaerobic Treatment of Organic Solvent Containing Industrial Wastewater
     with Its System Dynamics Using Molecular Tools, Supported by TUBITAK CAYDAG (106Y241), 2007

21. Anaerobic Degradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Anoxic Marine Environments,  Supported by TÜBİTAK
     ÇAYDAG (105Y307), 2006

22. Determination the microbial community structure of anaerobic systems treating sulphate containing wastewater
      and optimization of biogas production Supported by Civil Engineering Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Support
      Program (11_04_241), 2004.

23. Determination Of Nitrifying Bacteria In A Full-Scale Activated Sludge System Using Fluorescent In Situ
      Hybridization Technique, Supported by TUBITAK CAYDAG (102I041), 2004

24. Archaeal Population Dynamics in a Full-Scale Anaerobic Reactor Using 16S rDNA Based Molecular Techniques,
     Supported by TÜBİTAK-TBAG (110T054), 2002

25. Determination of Specific Methanogenic Activity of Acetoclastic Methanogens in Anaerobic Reactors, Supported by
     BU Research Fund (01S101), 2002 and ITU Research Fund (844), 1997.